Intra-Oral Camera Makes You Part of the Team

Intra Oral Dental Camera Monroe Township NJWe work hand-in-hand with patients to create a bond of teamwork. One of the ways we bring this about is through the use of a high-tech tool, the Intra-Oral Camera. This amazing device is a miniature video camera that displays a close-up picture of the inside of your mouth. You can see for yourself what work needs to be done and which teeth are doing fine. You then become a participant in each dental decision. You’ll love how this works!

Laser Dentistry - No Shots or Drills!

onroe Township NJWhat would you say if you could have your fillings placed painlessly without drills or needles? You’d probably say, “Where do I sign up?” Well, now you can with a revolutionary new LASER technology known as WaterLase™. Unlike lasers of the past, this laser is used for both gum AND TOOTH procedures. Previous dental lasers were used only for the gums or whitening the teeth.

The WaterLase is a breakthrough in comfortable dentistry. Energy from the laser is absorbed by water instead of by the teeth. The microscopic water droplets are energized by the laser, and it is actually the energized water that removes the tooth decay — and usually with no pain and no need for needles. For many dental procedures the WaterLase replaces the dentist’s drill.

Custom Mouthguards to Protect Your Teeth

Dental Mouthguards Sports Mouth Guards Monroe Township NJMany sports can be dangerous without the proper protection. We offer custom-made sports mouthguards that fit well, protect well, and can be worn for any sport: soccer, baseball, basketball, football, or hockey. We also provide mouthguards for bruxism, or teeth grinding. If you suffer from this condition, your teeth risk being worn down or damaged. Our mouthguards fit perfectly so your teeth are protected, your jaw muscles can relax…and you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

Modern Endodontics Can Save Hopeless Teeth

Endodontics Dentist Root Canal Treatment Monroe Township NJTeeth with roots that have been damaged or infected used to require extraction, which can cause a lot of problems and should be done as a last resort. When dental decay reaches the nerve of the tooth (or the tooth has become infected), a simple filling does not suffice. Endodontics can save the tooth by removing the pulp of a tooth and replacing it with a filling material. Root canals of the past were quite painful and gained a reputation as something to be avoided. However, with today’s modern anesthetics and technology, we can offer treatment that is often painless!

Dentistry Without Drills or Needles?

Is it possible to go to the dentist and never feel the drill or the pinch of that dreaded needle? One of the most spectacular advances in recent dentistry is called Air Brush. Instead of a conventional drill, this device sprays a stream of tiny particles and air at the area of decay and gently mists it away! Most patients require little or no anesthesia at all. The sound and vibrations of the drill are gone – and so is the pain! For many procedures, it’s good-bye needles, good-bye drill!